New Food Pyramid

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New Food Pyramid

New Food Pyramid

Each and every one of us has been taught well by either our parents or our teachers to always eat and maintain a well-balanced diet. I remember when I was in elementary, my favorite teacher had done an excellent job of explaining to us and making us appreciate how important it is to based your diet on the food pyramid guide.

But did you know that there is a new one now?

It is important to be aware of the changes in the new food pyramid guide now so that you can share the right information to your future family. Among the so many changes that occurred to us over the years like the emergence for example of so many kinds of diet and diet products, knowing the new guide is considered the most important one.

To help you appreciate these changes, below are the 2 key points to simplify them.

1. Compared to the old food pyramid guide, the new guide is more specific in terms of servings and age. Though the old food guide did inform us of what a well-balanced diet must contain, it failed to differentiate the servings appropriate for everyone according to age. It just provided a general approach regardless of age whereas the new guide is definitely more accurate as it takes into consideration the person’s age, lifestyle, exercise, and goal – to lose or to gain weight.

2. The new guide is more aligned or in harmony with reality. With the old guide, it seems almost impossible to have a well-balanced diet as it gave an unclear picture with regard to the servings. The new food pyramid guide is divided now into 6 different colors representing a food category which makes it more attractive to children such as green for vegetables and yellow for oils and fats.